Health Safety


Peace Marine and energy Limited

Foremost interest in all projects is SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION; and we will demonstrate SAFETY in all operations.

Already conversant with the current requirement of the mineral oils Act, and mineral oils (Safety) Requirements, and the factories Act and will incorporate the CLIENTS safety rules and standards together with our safety manual in the execution of contract services.

Has familiarized herself with requirements of STANDARD WORK SITE and will incorporate all standards.

Will also provide all necessary safety clothing and equipment for all personnel.

will ensure that persons engaged in work and service in all contracts shall remain medically fit throughout the duration of the contracts. Also Oil and Gas Resources will prepare and present certificates of medical fitness on all personnel and ensure that all personnel are CLIENTS certified swimmers.

Safety Manager and Project Manager will ultimately be responsible for safety in our operations. The staff will also have experienced safety officers who are well aquainted with CLIENTS’s safety regulations and will ensure that all proper work permits and complementary certificates are obtained prior to commencement of work and shall keep them up to date daily and ensure that all safe working practices are observed during the execution of all contracts.PEACE MARINE AND ENERGY LIMITED shall strictly enforce the permit to work system before commencement of any work. Only CLIENT’S authorization can action any night movement.

Have Accident/workmen’s compensation insurance policy for their workers against any occupational disease or any other impairment to health or injury by accidents.